Public Liability Insurance

We live in a litigious society. So, in today’s business world, the risk of being sued or indirectly included into a legal lawsuit is a significant one – A risk that should be considered and included within all business risk management strategies.


Who should consider Public Liability Insurance?


Doctors who work as contractors or who run their own practice.


Public Liability Insurance protects against claims made against you or your practice for personal injury or property damage.


Whether you’re the medical professional the patient (claimant) was coming to see, the employer/business owner of the practice, or the owner of the building, the lawyer will want to include absolutely everyone. So, whichever position you’re in, this cover should be considered, because even if best practices are applied and you mindfully avoid potential liabilities, this will not exclude the risk of legal proceeding and/or legal fees.


What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?


Public Liability Insurance covers costs incurred in defending and covering any court orders you are found liable for.


Under the terms of the HeallthPro Protect, the insured person includes an employee, contractor, labour only sub-contractor or a person hired to or borrowed by you (including work experience).


What doesn’t Public Liability Insurance Cover?


Public Liability Insurance does not cover a medical practitioner for any advice or treatment you provide. For this kind of insurance cover, you’ll need Medical/Professional Indemnity Insurance.


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