Motor Vehicle Insurance

Protect your car with Motor Vehicle Insurance.

With quality insurance cover, you can get back behind the wheel faster.

Whether you’re zipping around the city in a small car or motorbike, taking your SUV off- road on the weekends, delivering goods in a truck, or driving a sleek luxury model, you depend on your vehicle for freedom and flexibility, to get where you need and want to go.

Who should consider Motor Vehicle Insurance?

If you have a car, you should protect it and yourself, against unexpected costs.

Car accidents can be costly, especially when you’re the one at fault. In this case, you’ll not only have the expense of repairing your own car, you’ll have the expense of repairing the other car too.

With a range of cover to suit every driver and vehicle, and the option to pay annually or monthly, you will be sure to find the right policy for you.

What does Motor Vehicle Insurance cover?

The cover provided by can vary, depending on the policy.

Here are some examples of possible cover:

  • Replacement of a lost or stolen vehicle
  • Third party vehicle cover
  • Rental car cover
  • Vehicle replacement for new cars written off within three years
  • Legal liability cover
  • Re-keying or re-coding of stolen vehicle keys

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