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We have an incredible team who look forward to helping you!


Danby Sequeira

General Manager

General Insurance


Sue Jowett

 Business Development Manager

Anita Dowing

General Insurance Consultant

Val Miller

General Insurance Consultant


Linda McAteer

General Insurance Consultant


Michele McWatters

General Insurance Consultant

Financial Planning

Jyothi Sarac

Financial Adviser

Venus Wong

Financial Adviser

Sarah O’ Sullivan

Financial Planning Consultant

Jila Jahormy

Financial Planning Consultant


Miko Cheung

Financial Planning Consultant


Kiran Kaur

Financial Planning Consultant

Our commitment to you:

Understand– Your Wants, Needs and Goals

As a subsidiary of the Australian Medical Association (WA), we understand your Profession. We understand that everyone is different and that products need to suit an individual’s circumstances.

We also understand that time is your most precious resource. With that in mind, we are here to help make your life easier.

Protect – Your Assets and Future

We are here to help protect your assets and your future, by offering a range of insurance, superannuation and investment products to meet both your business and personal needs.

Care – And Support When you Need It

We offer personalised care and support.

Our experienced team are qualified financial professionals with current industry knowledge and use this to provide care and support to you at the right time.

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