Trauma Insurance

“It won’t happen to me…” You could be right. But what if you’re wrong?

Some Scary Facts

  • There were 9.4 million hospital admissions in Australia in 2012/2013
  • Hospital emergency departments in Australia dealt with 6.7 million incidents in 2012/2013
  • The risk of being diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85 will be 1 in 2 for males and 1 in 3 for females.

What is Trauma Insurance?

Trauma insurance, also known as critical illness insurance, provides a lump sum benefit in the event that the life insured suffers a “critical condition” as defined by the insurance provider. It’s designed to help you recover financially from a trauma or crisis, such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer or other life-threatening condition.

How can Trauma Insurance help protect your family’s future?

Trauma insurance pays you a tax-free lump sum for a range of specified life-threatening illnesses or injuries and can be used to cover out of pocket expenses such as:
  • Rehabilitation and recovery costs
  • Refitting your home or relocating to more suitable accommodation
  • Paying off outstanding debts or providing an ongoing income
  • A professional carer

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