Life Insurance

Looking for peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of, after you’ve gone? Life Insurance gives you that peace of mind, whilst ensuring your family will be adequately protected.

What is Life Insurance?

In the event of your death, Life Insurance helps your family maintain their financial position and keep on living

The lump sum payment paid by the insurer to your family can be used to help with the repayment of debts, the covering of future needs (the cost of children’s education or long-term care), as well as providing funds for investment to generate an income or to keep your business afloat.

None of us like to think about, let alone talk about the ‘worst case scenario’, but taking some time to consider the risks and having a contingency plan is important.

It’s like carrying an umbrella – it can’t stop the rain, but it can provide much needed financial protection during life’s storms.

Protect your loved ones by nominating your beneficiaries

Protecting your loved ones starts by nominate your beneficiaries and making changes as your circumstances change.

Life insurance doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Even if you don’t have dependants, life insurance can provide other benefits such as covering funeral expenses, tidying up your affairs, or providing someone you love with an inheritance.

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