Insurance for Business

You’ve worked hard to build a successful business. So, why not protect it?
Insurance is used as a funding solution for several different aspects of business succession planning. Whether you have a small business or a staff of fifty, there are many different business insurance options to help you minimise your business worries.

Types of insurance for your business

  • Buy-sell agreement
    Provides a person with sufficient funds to buy out another owner (or the owner’s estate) in the event of death, total and permanent disablement or a traumatic event.
  • Business protection/debt reduction
    Pays off any debts associated with the business in the case that one of the owners dies, becomes totally and permanently disabled (TPD) or suffers a traumatic event.
  • Key person (revenue)
    Provides cash flow to employ another person in place of a key person in the business.
  • Key person (capital)
    Provides a lump sum to replace the income/profit estimated to be lost in the event of a key person dying, suffering a traumatic event or becoming TPD.
  • Guarantor insurance
    Protects the business against the financial risks associated with debt.
  • Business expenses insurance
    Pays regular expenses if a business principal is unable to work due to illness or injury.

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