Aged Care Financial Strategies

Let us help you weave the web of aged care with Aged Care Financial Strategies.

We can help you with:

  • An Aged Care Roadmap

  • We can assess your individual situation, your goals and your needs to create a Aged Care Roadmap just for you.
  • Funding Strategies

  • We can help with strategies to fund your Aged Care. From refundable Accommodation Deposits, Accommodation Contributions and more.
  • Fees Reduction Strategies

  • With the help of a Financial Adviser, you could even reduce your aged care fees (Means Tested Fee).
  • Benefit Increase Strategies

  • You may be entitled to Centrelink and Aged Care benefits and we can help you implement strategies to increase these.
  • Residential Issues

  • We are here to discuss possible issues surrounding Home Care, Granny flats and Aged Care residential facilities.
  • Your Family Home

  • Do you retain or sell your family home? This is a question which many seniors face and struggle with. We can discuss and advise on any possible implications of keeping or selling your family home.
  • Financial Hardship assistance

  • Financial Hardship assistance for Aged Care is provided in certain cases. We can help ascertain whether you may qualify for such assistance.
  • Cashflow Analysis

  • We can help you analyse your cashflow and plan accordingly. For example, whether to sell or rent out your family home.

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