How to report a concern

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You can refer alleged breaches of the Code to the Insurance Brokers Code Compliance Committee (the Committee) for investigation if your insurance broker is a subscriber to the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice. You can find our contact details here.


What to do if you have concerns or a complaint


If you are concerned that your insurance broker is breaching the Code, you can refer the matter to us for investigation. The Committee’s role is to monitor compliance and investigate breaches against the Code. The Committee will then recommend corrective action if needed. If you require a specific outcome such as compensation, an apology, or for your problem to be fixed – you should make a complaint to your insurance broker or the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.


The Committee will need the following information before investigating an alleged breach of the Code:

  • Your contact details
  • If you are lodging the concern on behalf of someone else
  • Name of your insurance broker
  • When the events causing your concern occurred
  • When you first became concerned about an alleged Code breach
  • When you first reported your concern to your insurance broker
  • How you raised your concern with your insurance broker
  • Description of your concern
  • Why you are not satisfied with the response (if any) received from your insurance broker
  • What you think is a fair and reasonable resolution to the matter
  • Supporting documentation (e.g. copies of correspondence)

If you do not wish to provide some of the information but would still like to report a concern, please email us or call 1800 931 678 and ask to speak with our Code Investigation Manager.

How you can report a concern

You can report a concern

  • by email to or
  • call 1800 931 678 (ask to speak with our Code Investigation Manager)

By contacting the Committee, you agree to the Committee capturing any information as provided by you. All information provided to the Committee is handled and protected in accordance with our Privacy Statement. In this regard you understand that the information you provide as well as any other information including any documents and other material relevant to your claim of breach by the named insurance broker, will be shared between the named insurance broker and the Committee for consideration and investigation of your claim. For more information about how the Committee collects, uses and stores your personal information please see the Committee’s Privacy Statement.


Accessibility and support


The Committee is committed to being accessible to all Australians and is focused on ensuring vulnerable and disadvantaged people can readily use our service. The Committee abides by the legislation of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

You can contact us and tell us if you need assistance to report an issue.

Other help for consumers


The Committee collects information about potential Code breaches to improve industry practice. These organisations may be able to assist if you have other concerns:

Dispute resolution

Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

AFCA provides consumers and small businesses with fair, free and independent dispute resolution for financial complaints.

Financial counsellors

Financial Counselling Australia (FCA)

FCA’s website has a service locator for organisations providing financial counselling in each state and territory. You can also call 1800 007 007 to be automatically transferred to the phone service in your state (free call 9:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday).

Legal aid

National Legal Aid

This organisation’s website features a list of legal advice contacts for each state or territory. These services are free, independent and confidential.

Community legal centres

National Association of Community Legal Centres

Community Legal Centres (CLCs) are independently-operated, not-for-profit community organisations that provide legal and related services to the public, focusing on the disadvantaged and people with special needs.

Consumer credit legal centres

These centres provide advice for consumers with legal questions about financial services.

ACT: Consumer Law Centre

NSW: Financial Rights Legal Centre

Qld: Caxton Legal Centre

SA: Consumer Credit Law Centre

TAS: Hobart Community Legal Service

VIC: Consumer Action Law Centre

WA: Consumer Credit Legal Service

Finance tools and support

Money Smart

Offers free, independent guidance so that consumers can make the best choices for their money.

National Debt Helpline

Directs you to financial counsellors in your area. Features a ‘Debt Self-Help Tool’.

Mob Strong

Part of the Financial Rights Legal Centre, Mob Strong, Debt Help is a free legal advice service about money matters for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from anywhere in Australia.

Industry bodies

National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA)

NIBA member brokers are duty bound to adhere to the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice.

Government agencies and industry regulators

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Assesses complaints on business practices and provides guidance to business and consumers on their rights and obligations under the Australian Consumer Law.

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)

Promotes prudent behaviour among financial institutions. Can provide advice and/or guidelines on the early release of superannuation benefits.

Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)

Regulates and enforces consumer protection laws covering investments, superannuation, insurance and financial advice.

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)

Investigates allegations of breaches of privacy.