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Did you know doctors are disproportionately represented in failed financial schemes and take on relatively higher debt than average Australians?

Doctors rank high in terms of perceived honesty and trustworthiness. Being a profession of significant status, it attracts a high income. However, against this background, doctors have relatively high debt and are disproportionately represented in failed financial schemes finding, in some cases, they must reduce their lifestyle during retirement. They require financial advice geared to their specific needs in order for them to be better financially informed.

Understand the unique financial difficulties faced by doctors and learn how to improve your financial prospects in the immediate future:

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Discover Our TEN Financial Advice Tips for Doctors

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Understand The Importance of Choosing the Right Financial Adviser

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Learn When To Insure or not to Insure?

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Benefit from tailored information without a conflict-of interest

At AMA Insurance, we go the extra mile to understand, protect and care for the financial well-being of Australian health professionals.

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