Critical Illness/Trauma Insurance

No matter how healthy you are accidents and illness can happen to anyone. And if you’re struck down, the last thing you want to worry about is how the mortgage will get paid, or the kids’ school fees.

Critical Illness/Trauma Insurance – a lump sum when you need it the most.

Critical Illness Insurance provides you a lump sum of money in the event you are diagnosed with a specific medical condition through illness or accident. A critical illness condition is usually defined as a potentially life-threatening condition such as stroke, heart attack or cancer. But it may also be a car accident or a simple accident in the home such as a serious injury sustained by falling off a ladder during home renovations.

Critical Illness/Trauma Insurance tailored for medical professionals.

AMA Insurance is owned and operated by healthcare professionals. As such we understand the personal insurance needs of doctors and specialists. Ask us about how Critical Trauma Insurance is often purchased in conjunction with either Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability Insurance and Income Replacement Insurance to provide you and your family with financial security and peace of mind.

Need more information about Critical Illness/Trauma Insurance?

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