Liability Insurance

In today’s business world, the risk of being sued or indirectly included into a legal lawsuit is a significant risk that should be included in ALL business risk management strategies.

From a lawyer’s perspective –  a client advises them of a grievance, it is their professional duty to include ALL entities involved (directly and or otherwise) –  Lawyers work on the premise that it is easier to add a defendant at the start of their proceedings rather than during.

For example a patient injures themselves at your rooms which is one of many in a medical centre – “They tripped on a large flower pot just inside the main entrance” – The lawyer could include all possible entities which might include, You (as the patient went to see you), Your employer (even if you were contracted), the owners of the building and the property management company (if one in place), along with any other entity involved in the operation and / or ownership of the property / business.

Point being that applying best practices and mindfully avoiding potential liabilities will not exclude the risk of legal proceeding and / or legal fees.

Public Liability:

As in the above example, Public liability covers costs incurred in defending and covering any court orders you are found liable for. Some punitive damages are not covered by insurance by order of the courts as punitive awards are viewed as a punishment and deterrent.

Just like in any business, Public Liability Insurance is critical for doctors who work as contractors or who run their own practice. It protects you against claims made against you or your practice for personal injury or property damage. Under the terms of the HeallthPro Protect – The insured persons includes an employee, contractors, labour only sub-contractors or persons hired to or borrowed by you including work experience.

(NOTE: Public Liability Insurance does NOT cover a medical practitioner for any advice or treatment you provide. For this kind of insurance cover you’ll need Medical / professional Indemnity Insurance.)

Professional indemnity:

Covers negligence on professional services and or advices given or omitted. This cover is usually based on individuals rather than compnaies or entities. read more

Practice Indemnity:

This is an extension to the above providing covers for all employees of a practice for claims arising from medical errors and / or omissions. read more

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