Practice Indemnity Insurance

A Practice Indemnity policy is essential to the health of your practice as:

  • The risks of the practice entity are not the same as the risks of healthcare practitioners and therefore require different cover.
  • Your risk exposures as a practice owner are not necessarily within your control, for example staff errors and system failures.
  • National registration requires certain healthcare professionals to have professional indemnity insurance.

MDA National Insurance’s Practice Indemnity policy covers:

  • Civil Liability including defence costs.
  • Notifiable conduct protection (whistle-blower protection).
  • Unintentional breaches of privacy.
  • Good Samaritan Acts.
  • Defence costs for intellectual property disputes.
  • Defence costs for defamation.
  • Defence costs for trade practices claims.
  • Protection for principals and partners.


Subject to the standard terms, conditions and exclusions of the MDA National Insurance’s Practice Indemnity policy.

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