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AMA Annual Corporate Travel Insurance

AMA Financial Services offers an Annual Corporate Travel Insurance that features exceptional value and quality cover. Take the hassle out of your travels with this very low maintenance policy-
Enjoy the benefits of a superior corporate travel cover without the paperwork, medical certificates or the need to predict your trips and confirm approval for changes –

Simply join and enjoy – Go ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, as MANY TIMES as you like and DO WHATEVER*you wish to excite your trips – now that’s what we call TRAVELLING.

Benefits to you at a Glance

    • Annual policy (renewing every  March 31st) – renews just like your home or motor policies.
    • Take as many trips as you like – unlimited travel. The more you travel the more you save!
    • You can travel for business or pleasure or both. 
    • Option to cover your spouse/de facto and family so they may travel without you.
    • Covers all (non-professional) sports and adventure activities –
      from White-water rafting in Nepal to Scuba diving in Belize –
      *(Please note: Snow sports require an additional annual premium to be included )
    • Do you have any pre-existing health conditions? – you are automatically covered.*
    • Available for travellers as young as 75 – renewable up to the age of 90.
    • Kidnapping and Terrorism are also covered –Worldwide.
    • Your family is covered when travelling with you.*
    • You and your family can leave on different dates giving you flexibility.
    • Loose your Luggage, money or travel documents – covered.
    • Peace of mind with car hire excess up to $5,000.
    • You can travel anywhere in the world. Unless authorities told you not to
    • If you need to cancel a trip – you are covered for up to $20,000 each.
    •  Emergency assistance just a phone call away while overseas.
    • We will manage any claims for you from notification through to settlement at no additional cost.
    • We have simplified the procedures so that all that is required of you is to simply renew the policy or join the scheme and travel.

* Conditions
* Pre-existing conditions are covered on the basis that the “insured” person is not travelling against the advice of a physician.
* Family extension is limited to financially dependant children
* The option to include cover for snow sport does require an additional premium and can be requested anytime throughout the year.

We have many other Travel Insurance options available,  so no matter what your travel adventures require we can arrange appropriate cover for you.

If you would like to know more or have any travel queries, please call us on 1300 763 766 or submit an online quotation request.



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