Income Protection Insurance

Your continued income is your most valuable ‘asset’ – it’s the thing that helps you accumulate all of your wealth and live the lifestyle of your choice. Income Protection Insurance protects this most valuable asset.

How does Income Protection Insurance work?

Income Replacement Insurance is a monthly benefit of up to 75% of your income to cover you in case of accident, illness or major trauma. In effect, it replaces most of your income until you can return to work after your chosen waiting period. And most importantly, if you can’t return to work it can replace your income up until retirement age.

Income Replacement Insurance is generally tax deductible, which makes it a tax effective strategy for wealth creation and security.

Wealth and Income Protection tailored to your lifestyle.

AMA is an insurance broker owned and operated by medical professionals. We understand how important it is to protect your income.

Valuable features of Income Replacement Insurance:

• Cover generally up to 75% of your income

•Paid as a monthly benefit

•Cover is generally available until 65 years of age

Ask us about how Income Replacement Insurance is often purchased in conjunction with Life InsuranceTotal & Permanent Disability Insurance and  Critical Illness Insurance to provide you and your family security should unforeseen circumstances occur.

Need more information about Income Protection Insurance?

If you would like to know more about Income Replacement Insurance or are looking at comparing multiple insurance quotes please call 1300 763 766.

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