Medical & Dental Practice Insurance

Providing health professionals quality products with quality services  “It’s what we do!”

AMA Insurance Brokers have designed a Medical & Dental practice insurance package to specifically to provide customised protection for Medical, Dental and Health Practices. We are an Insurance Broker who reside within the medical industry and insuring your business and staff – “It’s what we do.”
HealthPro Protect has been carefully engineered with you in mind, with exclusive features to minimise any disruption(s) in the event of a claim. Business \ commercial policies are for generic businesses whilst these policies are for the Medical \ Dental \ Heath provider’s business – we understand the differences.


Does your current policy have these additional benefits?

Patient confidentiality is guaranteed

In the event that a patient / client caused physical damage to the practice, it is standard practice that you would be required to provide the insurer full details of all parties, so that they may explore recovery against them. Understanding  your relationship,  we have arranged for the insurer to waive their subrogation rights in these instances.

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops are covered whilst anywhere in Australia including cover from unattended vehicles

Automatic cover for up to 20% of your Contents sum insured for loss of or accidental damage whilst outside the practice.

The average or underinsurance clause has been removed

In the event of a total loss on the buildings and/or contents the figure on the schedule is the settlement amount. It is not reduced if you have underinsured the true replacement value.

Simplified formula for losses of income of up to 30 days

Following an insured event on the Business Interruption section such as a Fire or Storm damage you can claim for loss of income without the need to provide financials or justify that you could have rearranged appointments. The formula gives you a settlement based on the gross income figure stated on the policy schedule.

Public Liability cover extends to include contractors and sub-contractors

The insured persons includes an employee, contractors, labour only sub-contractors or persons hired to or borrowed by you including work experience.

All entities involved in the business are included on the policy

All revelant entities or persons involved in the business are included whether named or not on the policy schedule.

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Benefits at a Glance

Minimal Downtime:
Understanding the value of your time we respond swiftly to minimize any impact on you and or your business.

Multiple entities allowing your business, partners or trusts can be individually included, negating the need for multiple policies. Where in certain cases can result in considerable savings.

Customised to suit:
Select from the buffet of optional covers to current needs – Our Account managers can assist to optimise your covers and value.

Peace of mind knowing you have a quality policy and proven in the event of a claim.

These policies are underwritten by CGU who hold a AA- rating or similar companies where appropriate.

Simplified Claim Procedures: Agreed claim procedures reducing documentation and bureaucracy leading to speedy claims settlement.

Dedicated Claim Manager:
Your claim(s) shall be managed by an experienced case manager, who will go the extra mile to negotiate an optimum claims outcome for you…. One person contact – effective communications

Dedicated Account Manager:
Available to assist your enquiries as they occur – as your business changes we shall be right alongside with you ensuring you are covered.

Informed throughout the year:
If you agree, we shall keep you informed with relevant changes and risk management assistance through regular articles, emailed or available on our website.

Your contents are covered Australia wide:
20% of your contents (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, medical equipment etc.) are automatically covered away from your premises. This can be increased if required.

Looking after your staff:
Employees’ property: extended cover to include your staff’s personal property for damage or loss whilst at work.

Electrical supply stability:
No more concern about damage by power surge – it’s covered

Fridge unplugged or on the blink?
Goods that are maintained in a temperature controlled environment are covered.

Underestimated the total value of your building / contents?
Unlike some other insurance policies we have agreed that there is No penalty for under insurance.

Premium funding:
Options available on request to assist your business’s cash-flow

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Elements of Cover

We understand that your insurance needs are as unique as your practice itself and offer the following options enabling you to customise your covers maximising your peace of mind and value for your premium.

Building and Contents: Provides cover for your building, fit-out, equipment and general contents….. read more
Business Interruption: Provides continuity for your business’s vital cash flow in the event of an interruption to the business. All policies have a list of defined events that activate this section of the policy, but NOT all interruptions are covered, with some policies provide a broader range than others… read more:
Glass: Provides covers based on either or both internal and external glass – externally glass covers signage and signwriting…….read more:
Money: If your practice handles cash, voucher or other currencies this option provides cover including whilst in transit or stored overnight… more
Public Liability: In today’s business world, the risk of being sued or indirectly included into a legal lawsuit is a significant risk that should be included in ALL business risk management strategies……read more
Machinery Breakdown: Is your practice dependant on specific machines or equipment? This option covers the costs incurred in the event that any piece of your equipment breaks down …….read more
Employee Dishonesty: Employment of staff is based on a foundation of good will.. However we are humans and employees can become “dishonest” for many reasons. This options or up to $10,000 towards the rectification of an employee’s dishonest act(s)….read more
Workers Compensation: A statutory requirement if you employ staff. Rates for insuring your occupation is set by the state and federal government – We have negotiated discounted rates which are passed directly onto you….read more
Staff Journey: Did you know that worker’s compensation act does not provide cover for your staff traveling to and from work? Staff journey cover provides a lump sum benefit due to death or permanent disability or weekly benefits as a result of an accident whilst on their way to and from work……read more
Management Liability Provides protection for you and the company against the risks and exposures of running the Business… more
Practice Indemnity: Provides protection for your practice and its staff for circumstances that a doctor’s professional indemnity excludes… read more for examples…read more
Tax Audit: Tax Audit Insurance provides cover for the cost of responding to an investigation or audit of your financial or taxation affairs by the Australian Tax Office or Government Agencies……read more

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